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2011-12-12 20:12

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This guide shows you an end-to-end approach for implementing performance testing. Whether you are new to performance testing, or looking for ways to improve your current performance testing approach, you will find insights that you can tailor for your specific scenarios.


This guide covers Microsoft's recommended approach for implementing performance testing for Web applications. These provide steps for managing and conducting performance testing. For simplification and tangible results, they are broken down into activities with inputs, outputs, and steps. You can use the steps as a baseline or to help you evolve your own process. The performance-testing approach used in this guide consists of the following activities as shown in the figure:



  • Part 1, Introduction to Performance Testing
  • Part II, Exemplar Performance Testing Approaches
  • Part III, Identify the Test Environment
  • Part IV, Identify Performance Acceptance Criteria
  • Part V, Plan and Design Tests
  • Part VI, Execute Tests
  • Part VII, Analyze Results and Report
  • Part VIII, Performance Testing Techniques